1. Fix Up Your Bachelor Pad With ARC

    What is it all twenty-something guys want in life? A real live girlfriend? A Ferrari? A lifetime supply of frosty beverages? Well, actually all of the above, but it really wasn't a fair question. Most guys that age want the coolest bachelor pad around. No easy feat, particularly if you are a guy that works hard and doesn't have a lot of meat left on the bone after a month of bills. So how do you m…Read More

  2. Get It Together for the Holidays!

    The holidays are the best time of the year, no matter how you celebrate. The common thread that many of us share this time of year, is that many of us either travel to see family, or family visits us. That can come with a large amount of anxiety, particularly if your mother-in-law is coming to visit. If you are going away this holiday, the stress can be all too real as well, considering the prepar…Read More

  3. The LED Revolution

    Last time we touched a little about LED lighting. The time is coming when the old incandescent lights will no longer be available and LED’s will be the only choice. At American Residential and Commercial Services, we want to help you make the transition, whether that means changing out bulbs, installing more efficient fixtures, or adding lighting where needed. A Bit About LED’s LED stands for …Read More

  4. Thinking About Lighting

      Halloween is one of the most joyous times for some of our neighbors. Every year the decorations get more and more elaborate. Now it is not uncommon to see a ten foot tall Dracula flanking a herd of skeleton spiders. Wait… do spiders have bones? Anyway, the point is, this time of year your home is a focal point for your halloween display. You also may notice that there are definite improvement…Read More

  5. Wash The House

    How long has it been since you looked at the outside of your home? I mean really looked at it. With the weather getting nicer and the days getting shorter, isn't now the best time to give your home a good cleaning? You may not know this, but at ARC Handyman Services, we offer a wide range of exterior home cleaning services for our local customers. Whether you live in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, or…Read More

  6. The Empty Nest

    Soon the kids are heading back to school. And kids all over Carpinteria are spending their last week of freedom staring at various electronic devices. If you are one of the lucky ones, your kiddos are off to college, and that means you are now considered “empty nesters,” get it? Nest.. birds… empty... classic… People whose kids have left are called that because their baby birds are flying …Read More

  7. Urban Farmer

    How many of you out there like to garden? We live in the perfect climate for gardening, with plenty of sunshine and a fairly reliable temperature it is conceivable that 9 months out of the year you could be growing something. At ARC Handyman Services, we love gardening and we are also quite adept at building garden spaces in the backyards of our clients. Just like growing the perfect tomato or the…Read More

  8. It Is Time For A Whole Home RO Filtration System

    Have you ever thought about where your water comes from? All most of us really worry about is the moment when the water decides to stop flowing from the faucet. Fortunately, thanks to the hard working men and women of the water districts in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Ventura and the surrounding areas, we almost never have to worry if the water will stop flowing.   What Do We Have To Worry About?…Read More

  9. Things That Go Bump In The Night

    Its 2 a.m. and you lay in bed unable to sleep, due to the metronomic *tink* of the dripping faucet into your stainless steel kitchen sink. You try counting the drips but it doesn't seem to help. Finally you drift off to sleep, only to be awoken 15 minutes later by a beeping sound. Groggy, you barely realize that it is not occurring in dreamland and yes, that beeping is real. As you lay there think…Read More

  10. Thinking Different

    When you think of handyman services, generally you may think of things like fixing the fence, painting the trim on your home or even unclogging that slow drain in your shower. That may be the scope of your run-of-the-mill handyman company, but at ARC, we like to think outside of the box with our services. You know, those little tasks that you never consider when thinking about a handyman. Like pai…Read More