1. A Handyman's Intervention

    A Handyman’s Intervention

    You are probably wondering why I called you all here today. I'll tell you it has nothing to do with the price of gas in Carpinteria, even though that could use an intervention. Not to say that this is an intervention… okay, so it is an intervention. At ARC Services, we are worried about you. You have neglected all of those little things in your home until it has become overwhelming and something…Read More

  2. The Empty Nest Banner

    The Empty Nest

    Soon the kids are heading back to school. And kids all over Carpinteria are spending their last week of freedom staring at various electronic devices. If you are one of the lucky ones, your kiddos are off to college, and that means you are now considered “empty nesters,” get it? Nest.. birds… empty... classic… People whose kids have left are called that because their baby birds are flying …Read More

  3. Things That Go Bump In The Night

    Its 2 a.m. and you lay in bed unable to sleep, due to the metronomic *tink* of the dripping faucet into your stainless steel kitchen sink. You try counting the drips but it doesn't seem to help. Finally you drift off to sleep, only to be awoken 15 minutes later by a beeping sound. Groggy, you barely realize that it is not occurring in dreamland and yes, that beeping is real. As you lay there think…Read More

  4. Get Your NFL/Batchelor Fix Today!

    The summer is over and the kids have headed back to school,and  in a scant week the almighty NFL will be inundating our lives and distracting our fall evenings. Whoever came up with Monday night football was a genius because it gives everyone a chance to get together and have a good time around the TV. On the other side of the coin The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, or some other equally anti-…Read More

  5. Piles of Leaves in Landscape

    Spring Cleaning With ARC Services

    Last time we talked about the services that ARC Handyman Services provides to new homeowners. Services like, setting up your media room, installing a reverse osmosis water filter in your basement, fixing the little dings that occur when moving and even installing that cheese ‘fridge in your bathroom. All services that new homeowners tend to overlook. That being said, what if you have been in you…Read More

  6. Movin’ On Up!

    When you buy a home, that closing day can be the most stressful day of your life. The paperwork alone is enough to consider renting for the rest of your life. It can be the highest of highs and even more stressful than you thought possible. There always seems to be a snag that may prevent the whole deal from going through. It is like the team of realtors and brokers get together and plot a dramati…Read More

  7. Benefits of Hiring a Handyman

    If you have never taken advantage of your local handyman before by hiring for the services you’re in need of, you have been missing out! Our handyman in Carpinteria has been providing services to the area for years, and can implement repairs and maintenance whenever you need it most! Because there’s so much more importance behind a local handyman, we wanted to share with you, the benefits of h…Read More