1. Thinking About Lighting Banner

    Thinking About Lighting

      Halloween is one of the most joyous times for some of our neighbors. Every year the decorations get more and more elaborate. Now it is not uncommon to see a ten foot tall Dracula flanking a herd of skeleton spiders. Wait… do spiders have bones? Anyway, the point is, this time of year your home is a focal point for your halloween display. You also may notice that there are definite improvement…Read More

  2. Wash the House Banner

    Wash The House

    How long has it been since you looked at the outside of your home? I mean really looked at it. With the weather getting nicer and the days getting shorter, isn't now the best time to give your home a good cleaning? You may not know this, but at ARC Handyman Services, we offer a wide range of exterior home cleaning services for our local customers. Whether you live in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, or…Read More

  3. Urban Farmer

    How many of you out there like to garden? We live in the perfect climate for gardening, with plenty of sunshine and a fairly reliable temperature it is conceivable that 9 months out of the year you could be growing something. At ARC Handyman Services, we love gardening and we are also quite adept at building garden spaces in the backyards of our clients. Just like growing the perfect tomato or the…Read More

  4. Home RO Filtration System Installation Banner

    It Is Time For A Whole Home RO Filtration System

    Have you ever thought about where your water comes from? All most of us really worry about is the moment when the water decides to stop flowing from the faucet. Fortunately, thanks to the hard working men and women of the water districts in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Ventura and the surrounding areas, we almost never have to worry if the water will stop flowing.   What Do We Have To Worry About?…Read More

  5. Thinking Different

    When you think of handyman services, generally you may think of things like fixing the fence, painting the trim on your home or even unclogging that slow drain in your shower. That may be the scope of your run-of-the-mill handyman company, but at ARC, we like to think outside of the box with our services. You know, those little tasks that you never consider when thinking about a handyman. Like pai…Read More

  6. Piles of Leaves in Landscape

    Spring Has Sprang, or is it Sprung?

    It used to be that movies would portray spring as a time with small animals frolicking, butterflies fluttering and skunks cavorting in the meadow. Does that actually happen? Probably not but what a glorious picture it paints. Spring, in reality begins here in just over a month, well actually it begins almost everywhere unless of course you are in the southern part of the world. If you are in Brazi…Read More

  7. Turkey Day TV

    Do you know what Thanksgiving is all about? Of course you do! It is all about pizza, frosty beverages and football! Well, maybe that is the day after Thanksgiving. But either way, isn’t this time of year about spending time with friends and family around the TV? Of course it is! The TV is the focal point of any American family. It is like the fireplace in an old timey cabin somewhere, everyone w…Read More

  8. ARC Handyman Here to Help CTA

    ARC, We Make You a Priority

    It is hard to believe that it is August already and the kids are heading back to school later this month. The lazy days of summer have passed most of us by without so much as a goodbye. Most of us make plans for the summer sometime before Labor Day and lament after Memorial Day that the summer seemed to fly by way too fast; whether that be the long-awaited family vacation or finishing that landsca…Read More

  9. Hanging Lightbulbs

    Out of This World Service From ARC Handyman!

    Being the finest handyman service in Santa Barbara county means we get around a lot. That means seeing many different houses and you never quite know what you are going to find in a home. Some are more dynamic than others and some you can feel that something is just not right. If you feel like something is just not right in your home, give us a call at ARC Handyman Services. We specialize in repai…Read More

  10. Spring Forward

    Think of the thing you hate most in this world. Does that include what your home looks like now? The rundown patio area, the fence with missing boards, and the cracked window frames. Because we are ready to spring forward, this weekend the focus should be on how the weather is gorgeous and you really need to be outside enjoying it. The problem with your backyard and patio area is that it may have …Read More