For those of you who own your own business the hassle of keeping up with the day to day tasks and taking care of your facility can be a real pain. The bottom line is, you started a business to chase the dream of doing what you love. Well at ARC Handyman Services, we did the exact same thing. The dream started as a way to offer home and business owners the option to sit back, relax, and let us handle your property maintenance issues. Being business owners ourselves, we know what goes into running a business and we know that when you need property maintenance services, you do not want to take the time to make sure everything is done right. That is why the professionals at ARC Handyman perform the job right, the first time.    

Apartment Maintenance

Being an apartment owner is a whole different kind of business ownership, in that the property is your business. That being said, if your property is not in top shape, sales could suffer, not to mention the fact that your current residents utilize the facility and make it their own. Many people in Santa Barbara call appartements their home and they expect to have a nice, safe space to call their own. The only problem with this is that apartments require constant maintenance and care. Each time a tenant moves out, repairs are inevitable, that is just the way it goes. If a tenant has been in residence for an extended period of time you can count on painting and cleaning the appliances, if not much more. If you own an apartment complex you are probably very familiar with the messes that some tenants can leave when they move out.

The big question is, as an owner, do you really want to deal with the maintenance of your property yourself? Of course you may have been burned by maintenance companies that do substandard work or do a job halfway. At ARC Handyman Services, we can replace your old maintenance company and ensure that each and every apartment is ready to rent without issues. Of course tenants can have very specific needs and catering to those needs can be a very big selling point. Those needs could be something as simple as a shelf by the doorway to place keys or other items on, or a cover over the junction box that allows it to blend in better. All the way up to upgraded molding on the baseboards and mirrors mounted on the closet doors. These little details can really sell an apartment and satisfy needs that the potential tenants did not even know they needed. We can truly help you make your apartment complex a truly desirable place to live.

Small Business Maintenance

Commercial repair handyman services in Carpinteria available.There are thousands of small businesses in Santa Barbara County and many of them own their own properties. Owning your own store is a huge asset to your business. The rent will never raise and the landlord will never be able to evict you but, the downside is that the maintenance is all your responsibility. Many small business owners have to struggle with routine maintenance and unexpected issues. ARC Handyman Services is your small business repair and handyman services. We can help you get through those tough times when you need to have your building looking in tip top shape. When you own a small business you never know what will happen, it seems like every so often some damage occurs that can slow down business drastically until it is fixed. ARC Handyman Services is your local leader for expedient repairs. What if you just want to spruce up your space a bit, maybe add some shelves to your retail space, update the light fixtures in your restaurant or maybe even mount new blinds in your office. These tasks and much more can be quickly and painlessly completed by ARC, often with much less cost than a maintenance company will charge you.

Whether you have an apartment complex or a 500 square foot jewelry shop, the professionals at ARC Handyman Services are standing by to help. Contact us today and take your business to the next level!