What is it all twenty-something guys want in life? A real live girlfriend? A Ferrari? A lifetime supply of frosty beverages? Well, actually all of the above, but it really wasn’t a fair question. Most guys that age want the coolest bachelor pad around. No easy feat, particularly if you are a guy that works hard and doesn’t have a lot of meat left on the bone after a month of bills. So how do you make the ultimate bachelor pad when you work 60 hours a week? Simple, let ARC Services handle the heavy lifting. American Residential and Commercial Services is the premier handyman serving Ventura, Goleta and all points in between. No matter what you need around the house we can help. Projects like, home repairs, home maintenance, home improvements, and light construction are what we do for our clients on a daily basis.

We Can Do It!

We know you watch those shows where the attractive woman, (Why do they always have to be hitting things with a sledgehammer?) and the construction bro knock down entire homes and rebuild them in 48 hours? Yeah that’s not really how things work — unfortunately the public at large, who has no experience with this sort of thing, believes that major projects happen extremely fast. If you can find an attractive woman willing to hit things with a sledgehammer while wearing a tanktop, you really don’t need a bachelor pad, hang on to that one buddy. If you truly want to take your bachelor pad to the next level it is time to contact your handyman experts at ARC Services.


You have the room but what about the mood? A bachelor pad is nothing without the proper mood lighting. You either want soft and sensual for those rendezvous with your girl or a bright gameday feel when you are watching the Rams kick the crap out of the Patriots. (maybe not) Regardless, you need a variety of lighting for your bachelor pad. You could only have a 500 square foot apartment over your mom’s garage, but with the right lighting, you can have yourself a genuine penthouse. Lighting today is so versatile, and changing up the fixtures is not incredibly expensive and can make a huge difference in your space. With LED and bluetooth technology, automation is one of the coolest parts of these systems. You can dim the lights, change the color, and even make them pulse to the music, (depending on which type of fixtures you decide on.) At ARC Handyman services we can install pretty much any light fixture you need in your home. Let us take you mood lighting to the next level. Simply choose what you want and we can  


You can’t have a great bachelor pad without a TV, gaming system, and epic theatre system. It sure beats watching GOT on your tablet when that cute barista finally agrees to a date. But who has the time to set up all that electronic junk. You know, the cords, USB cables, patch cable and coax cables, all the stuff that eventually becomes a big ball of impossible tangles as soon as it is behind your entertainment center? At ARC Handyman Services we set up and program all of your media. Want to connect your lighting to your TV? We don’t know if it can actually be done, but if it can, we will do it!


If you are actually a single fella, your bathroom is probably not friendly to guests. Lets face it, you could probably use an upgrade. The first step is to clean the toilet, you know make it look less like a place that Yoda would call home. After that, contact ARC Handyman Services. We can install new fixtures, a whole new toilet if you can’t actually get it clean, and even some mood lighting for the bathroom, you know for those late night Candy Crush sessions.

Let’s Get Started!

Regardless of what you need for your bachelor pad, the handyman professionals at ARC Services can help. We believe in providing the finest quality of work with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We take great pride in leaving your home better than it was and we take great pains to be clean and professional — when you want a handyman you can trust, think ARC Services. Contact us today!