The summer is over and the kids have headed back to school,and  in a scant week the almighty NFL will be inundating our lives and distracting our fall evenings. Whoever came up with Monday night football was a genius because it gives everyone a chance to get together and have a good time around the TV. On the other side of the coin The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, or some other equally anti-football garbage is starting as well. Of course, your projection TV with the big, crackling speaker is not going to cut it, the only acceptable programs that can be viewed on such a screen are cartoons for the kids and the goldfish channel for the cat. You can’t expect your football friends to watch a garbage TV, particularly when there are fantasy points on the line. And you can’t ask the Bachelor girls that come over to watch a fuzzy, substandard TV set, at least not before the wine. ARC Handyman Services would like to help you with your home theater system. In fact, for the last few football/Batchelor seasons the demand has been so high for electronics set up that we put it on our services list permanently.

New TV’s Go On the Wall.

So in order to make your house the ultimate viewing destination for no matter what sort of fall show you watch, you need a new TV. That’s right a state-of-the-art, massive, internet connected, ultra-thin, HD beast that will allow you to feel like NFL games and the Rose Ceremony are happening in your own living room. The problem with getting a new TV, surround sound system, and wine fridge is mounting it all. Your old TV was like a dying slug making permanent divots in your hardwood floor, new TV’s are meant to go up on the wall. This is where having the number of the handyman experts at ARC Handyman Services is going to save you hours of frustration and arguments. We can mount your TV, hook up the surround sound, coordinate all of the amplifiers and have the wine fridge chilling a nice Blue Raspberry MadDog by five. Now mounting a TV might sound easy, but in reality, it needs to be done very carefully. We have mounted hundreds of TVs and know exactly what a successful installation looks like. So if you are ready to set up your new home theatre system, or are currently standing in a room full of boxes from the electronics store, give ARC a call and let us perform the setup for you! Only two more days until football! Don’t wait, call us today!