When you buy a home, that closing day can be the most stressful day of your life. The paperwork alone is enough to consider renting for the rest of your life. It can be the highest of highs and even more stressful than you thought possible. There always seems to be a snag that may prevent the whole deal from going through. It is like the team of realtors and brokers get together and plot a dramatic conclusion to the home buying process. You halfway expect a reality TV crew to pop out of the closet and shout “Surprise!” at some point. The bottom line is, buying a home is extremely stressful, and then you need to think about the moving in part. Getting all of your things to the home is one thing but consider this— once you put that four thousand pound sectional in the basement, there is a good chance that you will claim that it is going with the house. What if, however, you hire movers that are better suited to being demolition workers? The woodwork and drywall of your new home is probably going to suffer. What better time to have ARC Handyman Services come in and fix all the little things that need to be repaired in your new home.

Unplanned Damage

Ok, so when you buy a brand new home, you really should not have to fix a thing but that does not mean you won’t. The moving process is fraught with danger, it can be perilous, particularly if you are moving across the country. The possibility for your possessions to be damaged in the process is high and, unless you are moving into a shipping container, your home will probably suffer some damage as well. This is where we come in. If you are moving into, or out of, a home here in Carpinteria, ARC Handyman services can come in and repair the damage that the movers who had a liquid breakfast created. The little, inevitable nicks in the drywall, the ripped screen in the patio door that was victim to an errant couch leg, and the broken light fixture. All of these issues can be taken care of by the professionals at ARC.


Before you move into a new home it is best to consider what kind of upgrades you want, before all of the furniture is rooted firmly in place. Say you would like to put in a reverse osmosis water system or a home speaker system that pumps the jams throughout the whole house, or even that new set of swinging doors in the basement. Performing these types of services is much more cost effective when the home is pre-move and empty of furniture and decor. Need your 84 inch TV mounted on the wall in the bathroom? We also mount and install your electronics, and we guarantee that we will not leave one of those chord nightmares that are so common behind the TV.
So no matter what kind of handyman services you need for your new home, from installing new light fixtures, repairing drywall, or even mounting and setting up your electronics, think of the finest Handyman Service in Carpinteria, ARC Services. Call us today!