Piles of Leaves in Landscape

Last time we talked about the services that ARC Handyman Services provides to new homeowners. Services like, setting up your media room, installing a reverse osmosis water filter in your basement, fixing the little dings that occur when moving and even installing that cheese ‘fridge in your bathroom. All services that new homeowners tend to overlook. That being said, what if you have been in your home for a while and you have all sorts of little issues that have been sitting there for years, festering and mocking you everytime you walk by. Things like that ceiling fan that you haven’t used in the last three years because it is broken, the little hole by the stairs from the baby gate that you took down a year ago and even that broken garage door opener that needs to be replaced.

The Neverending Battle

Sound familiar? No matter if your home is brand new or from the century before last, a home that is loved will have scars to show from it. ARC Handyman Services is here to provide a full range of home repair services and much more. Our experts can handle pretty much any work around the house. In fact, with spring officially here, you may be thinking about getting all of the little projects completed on the outside of the house.

Spring Cleaning

If you are not especially keen on busting your hump for the next four weekends getting your home in shape for the summer, it is time to give ARC a call. We will clean and repair the exterior of your home, replace light fixtures, and even clean out that fridge in the garage that only holds frosty beverages. You never know what is lurking in a garage fridge. We can also build a new set of shelves for your garage to organize all of the moving boxes you never opened when you moved in ten years ago.