cta2revThink of the thing you hate most in this world. Does that include what your home looks like now? The rundown patio area, the fence with missing boards, and the cracked window frames. Because we are ready to spring forward, this weekend the focus should be on how the weather is gorgeous and you really need to be outside enjoying it. The problem with your backyard and patio area is that it may have been neglected in the past. At ARC Services we have the experience and the work ethic to make your backyard and patio into the space you desire. Our services have been so popular that we have expanded from Goleta, all the way to Ventura, the heart of southern Santa Barbara county.

Spring Maintenance

When you think of handyman services, you may have an idea of a guy who puts in outlets or replaces doorknobs. At ARC Residential Services we are much more than that, but if you need an outlet or a doorknob replaced, we are your go-to team. We are highly skilled in repairing your home, think of us a the mechanics of the home industry. Mechanics don’t build the cars, they fix them and how valuable is a good mechanic? We are sure that you will find a great value in our services. For instance, back to that backyard and patio area. We can have your patio area cleaned up and ready to use by the weekend. Need your yard cleaned up and that deck stained? At ARC Handyman Services we should be your go-to for home and garden repairs. With a little maintenance, your home will last for decades to come, I mean look at the pyramids.

If it is time to get your home ready for summer and finish those spring repairs give the experts at ARC Handyman Services a call and have your home looking better in no time!