1. Turkey Day TV

    Do you know what Thanksgiving is all about? Of course you do! It is all about pizza, frosty beverages and football! Well, maybe that is the day after Thanksgiving. But either way, isn’t this time of year about spending time with friends and family around the TV? Of course it is! The TV is the focal point of any American family. It is like the fireplace in an old timey cabin somewhere, everyone w…Read More

  2. The Real Live Handyman

    Handyman. The word means different things to different people and in this day and age the internet is becoming a substitute for hiring a handyman. The problem is most people believe that they can perform a task simply because there is a video online. This could not be further from the truth and it is like looking up your symptoms on Google is bound to make you think you are going to die. At Americ…Read More

  3. ARC Handyman Here to Help CTA

    ARC, We Make You a Priority

    It is hard to believe that it is August already and the kids are heading back to school later this month. The lazy days of summer have passed most of us by without so much as a goodbye. Most of us make plans for the summer sometime before Labor Day and lament after Memorial Day that the summer seemed to fly by way too fast; whether that be the long-awaited family vacation or finishing that landsca…Read More

  4. Commercial Property Maintenance from ARC Services

    For those of you who own your own business the hassle of keeping up with the day to day tasks and taking care of your facility can be a real pain. The bottom line is, you started a business to chase the dream of doing what you love. Well at ARC Handyman Services, we did the exact same thing. The dream started as a way to offer home and business owners the option to sit back, relax, and let us hand…Read More

  5. Hanging Lightbulbs

    Out of This World Service From ARC Handyman!

    Being the finest handyman service in Santa Barbara county means we get around a lot. That means seeing many different houses and you never quite know what you are going to find in a home. Some are more dynamic than others and some you can feel that something is just not right. If you feel like something is just not right in your home, give us a call at ARC Handyman Services. We specialize in repai…Read More

  6. Spring Forward

    Think of the thing you hate most in this world. Does that include what your home looks like now? The rundown patio area, the fence with missing boards, and the cracked window frames. Because we are ready to spring forward, this weekend the focus should be on how the weather is gorgeous and you really need to be outside enjoying it. The problem with your backyard and patio area is that it may have …Read More

  7. ARC Handyman Here to Help CTA

    Don’t DIY These Home Projects

    As motivated, independent people, we sometimes fall into the trap of believing that the ability to do something automatically means that we should do it. In reality, the inverse is usually a better piece of advice. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This little bit of sage wisdom rings especially true when it comes to home improvement projects. Those of you who have the tools, the kn…Read More

  8. See the Signs Before It's Too Late

    Signs of Common Home Electrical Problems

    Most people don’t give much thought to their home’s electrical system. But every time you flip a switch, toast a bagel, or watch your favorite TV show, you are putting that system to use. As long as the wiring is sound, everything should function smoothly. But if the wiring is damaged in some way, you could be running the risk of a major house fire. If you don’t want to be that person who s…Read More

  9. Handyman's Toolbelt

    End-of-Summer Handyman Projects

    Summer is the prime time to have your handyman work on your home projects. But if you are like most people, you look at those summer months on the calendar and think, “I’ve got time, I’ll call him when I get a chance.” Then suddenly you look up and it’s the end of August and you haven’t called him. Not once. That’s okay, you aren’t alone, and it’s never too late to call Arc Handy…Read More