Do you know what Thanksgiving is all about? Of course you do! It is all about pizza, frosty beverages and football! Well, maybe that is the day after Thanksgiving. But either way, isn’t this time of year about spending time with friends and family around the TV? Of course it is! The TV is the focal point of any American family. It is like the fireplace in an old timey cabin somewhere, everyone would gather around and stare into it. Fortunately those days are over, and staring into a boring old fire has been surpassed by the glorious technological invention that is television. But what if your TV is standing on a bookshelf propped up by a thousand old DVDs and a pair of waterskis? Do you look at your TV and think of how embarrassing it is going to be when your Thanksgiving guests want to watch the game? Well that is where American Residential Services comes in.

The Perfect TV Spot

While it may seem like anywhere the TV is located is the perfect spot for viewing, but you would be wrong. According to the Southern California TV viewer’s association, the ideal viewing situation is a TV approximately 7.6 feet away from a couch and/or big comfy chair. In order to accommodate these prime viewing conditions the TV should be mounted on a wall, preferably with a multi directional mount that can be swiveled for an incredible experience. You may wonder how this massive project could ever be completed in time for Thanksgiving. At ARC Handyman Services we are at the ready to provide a wide variety of services around the home, including mounting TVs to walls.

The Big Question

The big question on anyone’s mind would be, “how on earth is am I supposed to have someone mount my TV to the wall when I am watching it?” and “Doesn’t it need to be unplugged?” We will need to unplug the TV in order to mount it to the wall but that is not necessarily a bad thing, because they say too much TV will melt your brain (unproven of course). ARC will make sure the mounting of your TV is as quick and painless as possible. You may even get outside in the gorgeous Santa Barbara sunshine while we work.

The TV is Mounted… What Now?

Well generally when we mount a TV on the wall for a client, there are an abundance of cords and cables hanging down. TVs these days are hooked up to no less than one hundred different components. You have the cable box, a surround sound box, the DVR, and you get the idea. At this point your old tote filled with Christmas decorations is not going to cut it as a media console. Why don’t you let ARC build one for you! We are able to build little projects like media towers and TV stands if you don’t feel like mounting it on the wall. Hurry up and give us a call and make this Thanksgiving the best ever!