Need Your Deposit Back? Call ARC Services!

The rental market in Santa Barbara is out of control, to say the least. Rents are starting to climb higher and higher every year. Now, if you have ever gotten an apartment, condo or rental house you know that just renting the place is a major investment. You have first and last months rent to pay for, utility startup fees, pizza and frosty beverages for your buddies so they will help you move, and ultimately, renters insurance. Renters insurance is an excellent thing to get when you are renting, but unfortunately it does not cover the little day to day, wear and tear that your home will endure. This is where ARC Services can come to the rescue.

The Deposit

So you dropped over four grand on an apartment in Carpinteria and have plans to live there for at least the next few years. After all, when you find a nice place to live, it is more trouble to move than it is worth. But that is a lot of money to put down without the prospect of getting any of it back. Fortunately there are ways to get some of your deposit back when you move out and ARC Handyman Services can help you with general repairs that can cost you all or most of your deposit.

Floor/Carpet Damage

The most common reason that deposits are not returned is floor damage, and one of the major causes of floor damage are pets. Whether it was that cute little puppy you found on the beach or the kitten who was born in the dumpster behind Denny’s, animals can wreck carpet and hardwood floors. The best thing to do is not get an animal until you are a homeowner; if that is not possible, ARC Services can repair most hardwood and laminate flooring, making the possibility of getting your deposit back much more likely.

Wall Damage

We all like to decorate our walls, but some go overboard. They tack, nail, screw, and otherwise secure various objects to their walls. This looks great but after all of the artwork and extraneous stuff has been removed, a myriad of little holes is left behind. If your landlord is the picky type, they will search every inch of the wall and dock your deposit for every infraction. At ARC Handyman Services we can patch up the little holes and give the walls a new coat of paint. This should help with the deposit.

ARC Services – Maintenance For Your Home

Of course, while we can make your rental as nice a possible before you move out, there is no guarantee that you will get any deposit back. In fact, when you put down the deposit, it is a good idea to consider it gone at that point. Any deposit you get back should be considered the same as winning the lottery. That being said, any maintenance work that you can do will increase your odds of receiving your deposit back. Have questions? Please contact ARC Services today and stay tuned when we talk about maintenance on your commercial property.