Handyman FAQs


Everything you need to know about ARC Handyman Services of Santa Barbara County:

Q. Do I need to purchase the materials on my own?

We have many handyman repair supplies on our truck and will bill you for the materials used on your project. For supplies that we do not carry on our truck, you have several options:

  • You can purchase materials ahead of time and have them ready for the handyman when he arrives on the job
  • You may follow the handyman to the store and pay for the materials directly. This option will be billed at our regular hourly rate.
  • You may have the handyman pick up the materials needed for the job. This option will be billed at our regular hourly rate and we will add in the cost of the materials, plus a small handling fee.

Q. Do you charge by the hour or give bids/estimates?

  • Billing: We bill for time and materials.

Materials: If the handyman has to purchase materials for your project, there is a 20% fee added to the cost of the materials.

  • Hourly Rate: If you would like to schedule us on an hourly basis, the rates are: $155.00 for the first hour then $105.00 per hour plus the cost of any materials needed to complete your job. We do have a 2 hour minimum for all service calls.
  • Weekend and Holiday Rates: $If for some reason you require a service call on a holiday, weekend or after normal business hours during the week, our rates will increase to $175 for the first hour of service and $125/hr thereafter plus the cost of materials for any job.
  • We do not give bids or estimates of any type.
  • Additional Fees: We have a $25.00 truck fee for each service call and there is a 25% charge on all materials purchased for each client. Travel time will be billed at our normal rates for any day. Please give us 48 hours notice for any cancellations.

  • Full Day Rate: If you would like to book us for a full day of work, the rate is $1,185.00 labor per day plus the cost of any materials purchased to complete your job. Our full day rate is based on an 8 hour day.

Q. How can I pay for handyman services?

  • At this time we accept cash, checks, and credit cards, (if you have an email account). To use a credit card, simply click the credit card button at the bottom of the invoice that we send to your email address. There is a fee associated with all credit card transactions.

Q. Can I choose the material colors and manufacturers?

  • In most circumstances, yes. Sometimes however, depending on the materials used, a certain color or manufacturer may not be available and we would discuss this with you before purchasing any materials.

Q. Who is sent to my house or business?

  • At this time we are a locally owned business operated by Danny Lieder. Danny is the handyman and may do all the work himself.

Q. Is Danny a licensed Contractor?

  • No, Danny is NOT a licensed contractor at this time and is therefore limited by state and local laws on the types of projects he can work on.