Spring Checklist

It is finally the end of winter, seriously, the first day of spring is only a few weeks away. We can then kick the cold weather to the curb for a while. This time of year is magical with bunnies frolicking, deer prancing in the meadows, and birds chirping in the trees. Like a Disney movie, all of these critters are getting their homes in order. Wait don’t deer live in caves? Never mind. Spring is the time when we are supposed to get our poop in a group, so to speak. At ARC Services, we are your local handyman and we know what it takes to get your property squared away whether it is for spring cleaning or just general maintenance. We offer a wide variety of services so no matter what you need for your home, we should have you covered. We have a huge array of tools and we know how to use them. No matter what you need done, ARC Handyman Services has you covered.

Yard Cleanup

The first thing people generally think of when spring rolls around is how bad their yard looks. Maybe it is the special way the sunlight hits the stained walkway or the gleam of a spring full moon off of that pile of dead branches in the corner of the yard. It is time to fix that and now is the time. At ARC Services, we can make your outdoor space look as good as the day you moved in. OK, we are not miracle workers but we can generally get your yard back to where it is presentable. Many times, patios, gates and fences can be completely restored through power washing. We utilize special power washing tips to maximize the effectiveness of our equipment. As far as the dead branches, we do dump runs. Meaning we will gather up all of the organic debris in your yard and haul them off to the dump where they belong. Have you ever felt that way about the old swing set in your yard? That it belonged in the dump? Well now is your chance because ARC will get rid of that too. We pretty much get rid of anything that makes your yard look trashy, you know, dishwashers, garden gnomes, and anything else you want to get rid of. Everything except your Buick that has been parked beside the house for 25 years, that one we are not able to take. So for exceptional cleaning services, please contact us for more details!


What suffers the most over time? Paint. Many of us would like it if our paint lasted for decades, unfortunately paint is made to fade and peel. This way you know if it is protecting the surface underneath. OK, that might not be exactly true, but paint serves a much more critical purpose than just changing the color of your home. If wood is left to the elements it quickly deteriorates and without paint, in a few years your home would be a pile of soggy pulp. The same goes for your fence, if it is not sealed and stained there is a good chance that you will have to replace your fence in the next few years. At ARC Handyman Services, we can paint your fence and have it back to excellent condition in no time.


This time of year, you may just be putting away you Christmas lights, although we hope not. If you are suddenly seeing a need to organize but can’t find anywhere to put anything, it may be time to add those shelves to the basement or the cabinets in the garage. No matter where you have envisioned adding more storage, the professionals at American Residential Services are here to help. We can hang cabinets in the garage for your snow globe collection, put up shelves in your shed, and even build cubbies in your mudroom. No matter where you need extra storage, the professionals at ARC Handyman services have you covered.

Get Your Home In Order This Spring

Regardless of what you need done around your home, the expert handyman at ARC Services is standing by to make sure your projects are done right. Of course we do much more than just outside maintenance, we are one of the more well rounded handyman services in Carpinteria. Interior maintenance is also one of our specialities and we offer a full range of services for your home. From whole home water filter installations, door replacement, and even electronics setup and mounting, you can count on ARC for your handyman services. So if you are ready to get a jump on the spring maintenance tasks now is the time to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the chance to make this spring the best ever!