The LED Revolution

Last time we touched a little about LED lighting. The time is coming when the old incandescent lights will no longer be available and LED’s will be the only choice. At American Residential and Commercial Services, we want to help you make the transition, whether that means changing out bulbs, installing more efficient fixtures, or adding lighting where needed.


A Bit About LED’s

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a diode can be thought of as a one way valve for electricity. As with water, electricity will flow along the path of least resistance, with the resistance of the diode, the current releases energy and produces light. Any time you introduce resistance into an electrical circuit the result will be, release of energy in some way. Old style incandescent lights are probably what most of us have been using for the majority of our lives. These bulbs utilized a filament strung between two posts. Basically, the filament is a resistor and when electricity is packed into the tiny wire, the result is heat and light. That is why that little wire glows in the light bulb and puts off heat. Realistically, the light bulb we know today had changed very little since the time Edison (and many others) invented the Incandescent bulbs are, by comparison, extremely fragile and we have all experienced what happens when we drop an light bulb on the ground. LED light bulbs are much more stout in their design, meaning they last vastly longer than a traditional bulb. An LED bulb utilizes the diodes to emit light in a much more efficient manner, meaning that they use less energy to produce the same amount of light.

Why Should You Switch?

First of all, soon, you will not even be able to buy incandescent light bulbs, in fact most developed countries have already put a stop to their use and the US is in the process of phasing them out. This is good for the environment and not so good for the consumer as the LED bulbs cost so much more than their incandescent counterparts. However, if you do the math, around 1900 when many homes were just beginning to be installed into homes all over the country, light bulbs cost about a dollar a piece. With inflation, you could expect to spend about 30 dollars today for the same light bulb, so the extra couple of bucks for an LED bulb is not so bad, given that they will save you money on your energy bill.


Stay Ahead of The Curve

As with the inevitable zombie apocalypse, the day is coming when the when the world will be different, and by different, we mean incandescent lights will be a thing of the past. The time is now to start replacing the lights in your home. Of course unless you are trying to do the switch all at once, you will probably going to have a few incandescents left over. Fun fact: An incandescent bulb installed in 1901 is still burning up north in a Livermore California fire station. While it may make sense to buy a bunch of LED’s to install them all at once, installing them can really be a pain. That is where ARC Services can help. The average home has about 45 light bulbs and that can be a lot to replace. Think of those bulbs in the top of the stairs in that fixture way up in the top, or that weird light in the hallway that seems way too complicated to take apart? These are the ideal situations to contact the handyman services at ARC. We can change all of your bulbs out from incandescent to LED. We can do the job fast and with little interruption of your schedule.

Trust The Experts

At ARC we have years of experience, not only changing light bulbs, but a wide variety of handyman/home improvement tasks. We do everything from light painting, electronics setup and installation, and even cleaning. No matter what you need done around the house ARC Services has you covered. So why don’t you give us a call today and let us take care of those nagging tasks around the house, you will be glad you did.

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